When our vet needs to see inside your pet’s body, we may conduct an ultrasound examination. Known as ultrasonography, ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging method that allows us to see your cat or dog’s internal body structures. Unlike the radiation given off by x-ray machines, the ultrasound waves from ultrasound machines are considered safe. At Townsgate Pet Hospital, we are able to diagnose a wide range of problems in dogs and cats using ultrasound in Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, and the surrounding areas.


We use our ultrasound machine most frequently to search for problems in a companion animal’s abdomen. This machine allows us to examine the intestinal tract, stomach, bladder, kidneys, liver, and spleen in a pain-free, non-invasive manner. It is also useful in evaluating heart problems. Ultrasound is also used to detect pregnancies in cats and dogs and to monitor fetal development. It is sometimes used to diagnose tumors and cysts, too.

In the vast majority of cases, anesthesia is not required. During the exam, we will pass a wand over the affected area. The wand directs a beam of ultrasound waves over area of interest. These waves are transmitted through or are reflected or absorbed by the tissue they encounter. When ultrasound waves are reflected off a surface, they bounce back as echoes which are converted into an image.


Townsgate Pet Hospital is proud to offer a wide range of diagnostic services – including pet ultrasound imaging – in house. This technology allows us to safely get a look inside your pet to detect a wide range of potential problems without causing any pain or discomfort. To learn more about pet ultrasound services near Thousand Oaks, please contact us today.