If you are planning on traveling to another state or country with your pet, you may need to obtain a health certificate for your companion from a veterinarian. This certificate is a federal document that can only be obtained from a USDA-accredited vet. There are two types of certificates - one for domestic interstate travel within the United States and one for international travel. Regardless of which one you need, there are strict requirements that vets must abide by when issuing them.


At Townsgate Animal Hospital, we provide health certificates for Westlake Village area pets. If you are traveling to another state (typically by air), the requirements are usually fairly straightforward. If you are traveling internationally, though, the requirements may be more complex. We recommend contacting us as soon as possible when you know you will be traveling to another country as the certification process can take a few months to complete.


Traveling with your pet can be an enjoyable experience, and sometimes, doing so is unavoidable. Whether you are planning on flying to another state within the US or you are traveling to another country, Townsgate Animal Hospital is USDA accredited to provide domestic and international health certificates for pets. Please contact us today to learn more.