Soft tissue surgery for pets treats and manages soft tissue injuries and infections. Our experienced veterinarian at Townsgate Pet Hospital in Westlake Village specializes in pet surgeries, emergency surgeries, and wound management and reconstruction.

Soft Tissue Surgeries for Pets

A soft tissue surgery is an operation on the skin and inside the body of your dog or cat. This type of surgery is concerned with the skin, muscles, and other internal tissues of an animal, and differs from orthopedic surgery, which operates on the bones and joints.

Besides a meticulous incision, a soft tissue surgery typically involves blood tests, intravenous fluids, anesthesia, pain relievers, and constant monitoring.

Why Pets Need Soft Tissue Surgery

The most common reason for this surgery is castration (or de-sexing). In a de-sexing surgery, your vet will remove your pet’s ovaries and uterus or testicles. De-sexing is a good option if you don’t want your pet to interbreed or give you another pup. Experts suggest that de-sexing prevents health complications like mammary cancer and could increase your pet’s life expectancy.

Our vet in Westlake Village may also recommend a soft tissue injury for your pet for the following reasons:

  • To remove a dangerous lump or tumor.
  • To investigate a gastrointestinal problem.
  • To repair a soft tissue injury or infection within a tissue, like a wound or an abscess.
  • To treat ear, nose, and throat complications.

If your pet is showing any symptoms of illness, let our licensed vet determine the best course of treatment. Our veterinarian will investigate your pet’s problem before deciding whether or not surgery is the best option for your pet.

If your pet needs surgery, our vet will schedule a convenient day and the least invasive surgery. Our vet will also advise you on the necessary pre-operation requirements (like fasting) and post-operation procedures (like wound care and pain control).

At What Age Is a Pet Too Old for Surgery?

Your pet is never too old for surgery if there’s no better option. Anesthesia complications on older pets make people wary of surgery, but you should not deny your pet much-needed medical attention. If your old (older than 10 years) cat or dog needs soft tissue surgery, our experienced vet will take extra caution to ensure the safety of your pet during and after the surgery.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Westlake Village for Soft Tissue Surgery

Are you looking for a soft tissue surgery vet in Westlake Village? Let our experienced and licensed veterinarian care for your pet. Townsgate Pet Hospital is equipped with advanced technologies and the expertise to perform a soft tissue surgery on any dog or cat. Call us today on (805) 230-1999 to book an appointment with our veterinary expert.

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